MNDF: Seven incidents at sea due to bad weather

A MNDF Coastguard vessel is pictured at sea during bad weather. (File Photo/MNDF)

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) revealed that on Wednesday night alone, seven incidents took place at sea due to bad weather.

According to MNDF, they received reports of the seven incidents, and Coast Guard was involved in assisting them.

At 19:59 reports of a missing person were received after a “Cruiser 3” dhoni capsized. Coast Guard’s First Squadrons Harbor Craft with divers acted assistance. At 20:20, the missing person was located.

In another incident, at 20:15 MNDF received reports that a speedboat “Dengue Launch” that was travelling from near Thulhaagiri to Male’ was unable to travel due to the extreme weather, and water had begun to fill the vessel. Though Coast Guard’s Second Squadrons Harbor Craft with divers, the captain soon reported that the water was controlled, and the launch was able to dock at nearby Loabigili resort.

A third incident reported to the authorities was the capsize of the 22-foot speedboat “Lonu Tails” near K.Giraavaru at 20:40. MNDF stated that Coast Guard’s Second Squadrons Harbor Craft arrived with divers and recused all foutravellingng on the vessel at the time of the incident.

MNDF further revealed that four were brought to Male’ at 21:26, and are doing well.

At 20:08, MNDF received reports of water entering the “Lucky Star” speedboat that was near K.Gaafaru. Coast Guard’s First Squadrons FIC Velana prepped with divers to go to the scene, but before their departure, received reports that the water was controlled and the vessel was able to dock at K.Gaafaru.

In addition to this, due to the weather, at 20:49 MNDF received a report that two barges docked at Maldives Port Limited (MPL) area were cut off and drifting towards Funadhoo. However, the situation was brought under control after MPL’s tug boat was used to bring the barges back into the MPL area.

Meanwhile, MRCC  had the Coast Guard’s Second Squadron on standby after being reported that the anchor or Maldives Transport and Contracting Company’s (MTCC) Mahaa Jarraafu got dragged and was headed towards a reef. Though it went close, it did not collide with the reef.

Another incident that also took place on Wednesday night was a speed boat carrying tourists accidentally colliding with a sandbank.  Due to the incident, Coast Guard coordinated with multiple places, and those travelling on the vessel were transported to nearby Reethi Rah from a speed boat sent from the resort.

MNDF confirmed that no injuries were sustained in any of the incidents that occurred.

Authorities have urged the public to be cautious in travelling due to the weather conditions.