Nine-bed admission ward for mental illnesses opens in IGMH

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih opening the National Mental Health Institute. (Photo/President's Office)

A nine-bed was opened on Tuesday at Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) to provide in-patient care for mental illnesses.

According to IGMH, the newly opened ward will be under the hospital’s Mental Health Center.

The hospital also revealed that the ward features nine beds, a de-escalation room, and an outdoor terrace. Moreover, there are exercise machines installed for patients to use.

Prior to this, there was no dedicated ward to treat those with mental illnesses, and only a few beds were allocated for any in-patients needing treatment.

During the Presidential address to open the Parliament for this year, President Ibrahim Mohamed Soih revealed that such a ward will be opening. 

The government has been working towards bettering the treatment provided for mental illnesses. As part of those efforts, the administration established a department for mental healthcare, the Center for Mental Health, at IGMH in 2019.