Motion filed to cut down benefits for ex-MPs

Vilimale MP Ahmed Usham at a press conference by MNP. (Sun Photo/Naail Hussain)

The National Party of Maldives (MNP) has filed a motion to cut down benefits awarded to former Parliamentarians.

The deputy leader of MNP and MP for Vilimale Ahmed Usham revealed on Sun on Thursday a bill proposing amendments to the Parliamentary Privileges Act has been submitted to the Parliament.

MP Usham noted that MNP does not believe that it is justified for the state to spend so much on someone who served only five years, while those who served the government for over 20-30 years are not given such extensive privileges.

In a statement released by the party regarding this, MNP stressed that rather than choosing individual satisfaction, decisions should be made that favour the people.

Moreover, the statement noted that this bill was part of the work being done to ensure pensioners in Maldives are given the most benefits for their services. Hence, it said that rewards that do not meet the services should be cut down, and they should be given in an equal manner to all.

Furthermore, MNP said that the bill will ensure that the government does not carry a financial burden that is beyond capacity, and would strengthen the pension system in Maldives.

Currently, members who served a single term in Parliament are awarded 30 percent of their salary as benefits, while those who served two terms get 45 percent.

Additionally, they also have access to a health scheme and are given official passports.