Record amount distributed as Zakat al-Mal this year, MVR 3,000 per person

Officials from Ministry of Islamic Affairs collect Zakat al-Fitr at Islamic Center in Male' City. (File Photo/Sun)

Islamic Ministry has announced that MVR 3,000 per person was distributed as Zakat al-Mal for the year 1442 – being the highest ever distributed in the Maldives.

The Ministry said that MVR 26,877,000 was distributed as Zakat al-Mal amongst 8.959 entitled individuals registered with the ministry, including the poor and orphans. Therewith, each person received MVR 3,000.

In 1440, MVR 2,000 was distributed per person as Zakat al-Mal amongst 10,944 people. Meanwhile, in 1441 MVR 2,700 was distributed per person amongst 7,778 people.

Zakat al-Mal is an obligatory tenet of Islam and is to be paid by every Muslim.