JP: Will compete in presidential election; undecided as to how

Jumhoory Party's Leader Qasim Ibrahim shakes hand with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. (Sun File Photo)

Jumhoory Party, on Thursday, has stated that the party will be competing in the presidential election scheduled for next year – adding that they have yet to decide whether it will be through the coalition or not.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, for the first time, announced plans to run for a second term at a press conference held on Wednesday evening. He went on to state that he is confident in winning the election through a coalition.

Commenting on the matter – Jumhoory Party’s Spokesperson Ali Solih said that discussions have not been held within the party as an official request from the president has not been received on moving forward with the coalition for a second term. However, he added that Jumhoory Party believes that President Solih is the most capable person to maintain the coalition.

As per Jumhoory Party’s constitution – the party’s leader is the presidential candidate if the party has not made any other decision in this trajectory. The constitution mandates the candidate to represent the party in the presidential election.

Citing that whether Jumhoory Party’s Leader Qasim Ibrahim would contest in the presidential election or whether the party would be backing a coalition would be decided by the party’s council – Ali Solih stressed that no such decision has been taken yet.

“This party will compete in the presidential election. How we will, is undecided yet. When a request is made – the party’s council will discuss and make a decision,” he had said.

Jumhoory Party has previously stated that they have no plans to form a coalition with any other political party for next year’s presidential election.

In Wednesday’s press conference, President Solih stressed that it would be impossible for a single political party to win the presidential election alone, and that it would require a coalition.

“It would be impossible unless with the joint effort of multiple parties. I am confident I will win in 2023 with an MDP-led coalition,” he had said.

Whilst the current administration was elected through a coalition backed by four parties – it is also the only administration that has managed to keep the coalition intact throughout.