Minister Mahloof: Need to end summoning Ministers over burnt light bulbs

Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment Ahmed Mahloof speaking at the media. (Photo / Parliament)

Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment on Wednesday said that summoning ministers of the Parliament simply to question regarding a light that will not turn out needs to be stopped.

During the Parliament session, MP for the Laamu Maavah constituency Mohamed Saeed noted that the lights in two volley courts and futsal field of Maavah were developed during the former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s reign were broken, and no longer turn on. He asked the minister when the issue would be resolved.

Responding to the question, Minister Mahloof said that summoning the minister to the parliament over a burnt-out light needed to end, and said that the island council could try and work on solving such issues.

He further said that the ministry was solving these issues as much as possible. He added that even if council budgets need to be increased, such minor issues need to be solved without bringing the minister to Parliament.

In addition to this issue of lights, MP Saeed also questioned the issue of the Maavah turf being damaged and the repairing of the islands Youth Center.

Speaking on this, Minister Mahloof revealed that Maavah Council had sent a letter to the ministry about the turf on May 10.

Noting that the repair was not budgeted, and said that it was a big project. However, the minister assured that the ministry will work to provide a solution to this.

Additionally, he revealed that across Maldives, work is ongoing for 60 outdoor volley courts and 10 indoor courts.