Faafu Atoll Hospital establishes Ophthalmology department

Faafu Atoll Hospital established an Ophthalmology department for the first time, and officially commenced services.

Faafu Atoll Hospital has established an Ophthalmology department for the first time,  and officially commenced services.

Speaking about this, the Manager of Faafu Atoll Hospital Ibrahim Khaleel revealed to Sun that services were officially commenced on Monday, May 30.

“In 2020, we started developing an ophthalmology department by starting renovations to an area already built in the hospital.”

He revealed that they faced challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and gained input from the Health Ministry to overcome them. 

“The time that passed was spent in getting the Health Ministry’s input and attaining equipment.”

Speaking at an event held on December 16, 2021, to mark the anniversary of Faafu Atoll Hospital, Health Minister Ahmed Naseem assured to pave way for Ophthalmology services in the hospital.

“Since we did not want to depend on the government for everything, we began work with the hospital recreation club to get the pieces of equipment needed for this place,” revealed Khaleel.

The recreation club attained the equipment and officially handed them over to the hospital in March 2022.

Health Ministry has now appointed an Ophthalmologist to the hospital as well.

The newly opened department will be providing all general Opthalmology services generally available from most clinics.