New update to BML Mobile Banking app introduces digital wallet feature

Customer makes a payment through Bank of Maldives (BML) Mobile Banking app. (Photo/BML)

Bank of Maldives (BML), on Monday, has announced the latest update to its Mobile Banking app – introducing a digital wallet feature.

Titled ‘BML Pay Wallet’ – contactless payment services and wallet-to-wallet transfer services will now be available to customers through the application for a faster and secure payment experience.

Commenting on the introduction of the new feature, BML’s CEO, Managing Director Tim Sawyer underscored that mobile based contactless payments are among the most secure and fastest modes of payments across the world at present.

“Last year, we introduced our Mobile Banking App with a new look and extra features to provide customers secure and seamless banking experience. Today we have integrated our digital wallet and payment functions to the mobile app enabling customers to bank and pay through a single app,” he had said.

He added that the bank pledges to continue to invest in technology to deliver a better banking experience to customers across the country.

Latest update to Bank of Maldives (BML) Mobile Banking app. (Photo/BML)

BML introduced the first mobile banking app to the Maldives in 2015. Over 90 percent of the bank’s customers presently use internet banking.

How to use ‘BML Pay Wallet’

• Scan to Pay: By choosing “Scan to Pay” on the POS terminal or scanning the BML Pay QR sticker at the merchant, customers can make secure payment through the BML Mobile Banking app without using a physical card.

• Tap to Pay: Customers can hold their NFC-enabled devices at the POS terminal to pay using BML Mobile Banking app securely, without using a physical card.

• Mobile Key-In: When making a payment, customers can choose “Mobile Key-In” and enter a phone number to receive a request for payment. Once approved, the POS terminal accepts the payment.