Uproars in Sri Lanka: No Maldivians injured

A bus torched amidst protests in Sri Lanka.

Foreign Ministry, on Tuesday, stated that injuries or harm to a Maldivian residing in neighboring Sri Lanka has not been reported to authorities amidst extreme uproars in the country.

The uproars in Sri Lanka have been triggered by the prolonged economic crisis faced by the country resulting from the economic mismanagement by the government that has led to citizens rising up against the government and its supporters. In the protests which have taken place – houses, vehicles and other properties belonging to senior government officials have been torched or vandalized.

Around 1,500 Maldivians reside in the neighboring island nation. However, due to the difficulties faced in light of the economic constraints in Lanka, many have recently relocated back home.

As the uproars at Sri Lanka escalates – Maldivian Foreign Ministry’s Communications Director Miuvaan Mohamed told Sun that no report of a Maldivian being injured nor in need of basic necessities has been made to any authorities.

“The only advice we have to send out is for all Maldivians to be mindful of the instructions issued by Sri Lankan authorities,” he added.

Sri Lanka has imposed a nationwide curfew following clashes between anti-government protestors and supporters of the government.

Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa resigned after months of protests on Monday. Local media outlets from the country reported that anti-government protestors had torched two houses and a shop belonging to Rajapaksa. It has also been reported that anti-government protestors have vandalized and torched houses and other properties belonging to parliament members supporting the government.

Efforts by Sri Lankan security forces to contain the protests have so far been unsuccessful.

Three casualties have been recorded amidst these clashes to include a parliamentarian representing the ruling party, and two civilians. Hundreds of people are receiving treatment in hospitals following injuries as well.