Tree Top Hospital launches Smoking Cessation Clinic

Tree Top Hospital. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Afrah)

Tree Top Hospital has launched the services of a Smoking Cessation Clinic to provide comprehensive treatment and aid for individuals who desire to quit smoking.

Smoking cessation is the process of quitting the habit of smoking.

Tree Top Hospital’s detailed that the main purpose of the Smoking Cessation Clinic is to provide a treatment option along with counseling sessions for individuals who are trying to quit smoking and reduce the risk of developing several life-threatening diseases.

In line with this, the treatment will utilize counseling, behavior therapy, pharmaceuticals and nicotine-containing items such as nicotine patch, gum, lozenges inhalers and nasal sprays.

The hospital underscored that their Smoking Cessation Clinic services are offered by the hospital’s Respiratory Department – headed under the expertise of Dr. Ragulan Rajalingam.

As per the hospital, Dr. Ragulan Rajalingam is a consultant in respiratory medicine, specializing in respiratory medicine. He has over 10 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Ragulan Rajalingam also serves as an associate professor at Chettinad Medical College & Research Institute, India and is a member of European Respiratory Society (ERS).

Tree Top Hospital reaffirmed its commitment provide the highest quality of clinical care for all patients through experienced and highly trained specialists combining a wide variety of interests and expertise to offer the latest services.

Tree Top Hospital can be reached via phone at 3351610 and via email at [email protected] for more information regarding their services.