High Court backs detention of woman arrested for sexual abuse

People outside the High Court on February 15, 2021. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

The High Court has backed the order issued by Hithadhoo Magistrate Court to jail a 59-year-old female custodial worker at a school in Addu who was arrested on suspicion of the sexual abuse of a six-year-old student.

Amindhiye (Amindhatha) was arrested for the sexual abuse of the young girl on March 31.

However, Amindhiye’s family, along with a large number of Addu residents believe she was wrongfully arrested. They allege the victim identified her abuser to investigators as her grandfather.

Her arrest sparked protests outside the Hithadhoo Police Station.

Amindhiye was jailed pending the outcome of trial, a decision she appealed with the High Court.

The High Court decided on Wednesday to back the Hithadhoo Magistrate Court’s decision.

The court found the decision to jail Amindhiya was legally sound, based on the evidence submitted by police.

The bench unanimously agreed there was no room to overturn the lower court’s decision.

The bench which heard the appeal was composed of Chief Judge Hathif Hilmy, Judge Abdulla Hameed and Judge Hussain Shaheed.

A police spokesperson told Sun on early April that the police did not have sufficient evidence to suspect any other individual in the case.

However, the police said it was an open investigation, and that police will take action against additional individuals, if necessary, based on new findings as the investigation develops.