Managing Director appointed to MACL after five months of vacancy

Mahjoob Shujau, newly appointed Managing Director of Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL).

A Managing Director has been appointed to Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) after five months of vacancy.

Privatization and Corporatization Board, on Monday, appointed Mahjoob Shujau as MACL’s new Managing Director.

Mahjoob has previously served as the Managing Director of Housing Development Corporation (HDC). He has also worked on the airport development project as a representative of the government.

Gordon Andrew Steward who was previously serving as MACL’s Managing Director, Chief Executive Office was dismissed from the posts in last November.

Following this, MACL’s Deputy Chief Officer Ibrahim Thoha was designated to temporarily oversee the operations of the company. He was appointed as MACL’s Deputy Managing Director on April 6.

With Mahjoob’s appointment, MACL’s Board is currently composed of:  

  • Mohamed Umar Manik, Chairman 
  • Mahjoob Shujau, Managing Director
  • Ibrahim Thoha, Deputy Managing Director
  • Ibrahim Nooruddin 
  • Dr. Ibrahim Mahfooz 
  • Aishath Arusha 
  • Ahmed Aiman Moosa 
  • Ibrahim Siyad Qasim 

MACL’s Chief Executive Officer post still remains vacant.