Parliament passes Electronic Transections bill

A Parliament session underway. (Photo/Parliament)

The Parliament on Monday passed the Electronic Transactions Bill, which would allow data messages to be used as evidence in court cases.

The bill submitted by the government by Dhidhdhoo MP Abdulla Waheed was passed with 44 votes in favour.

Notably, in the committee stages, stating that the bill will not hold grounds over transections and digital communications done by banks, the clause was excluded.  

Under this bill, electronic transections made both in Maldives and internationally will be legitimized under the constitution.

All kinds of data transections, including exchanges made via electronic devices, emails and exchanges on messaging applications are covered under this bill.

Furthermore, the bill aims to grant legal rights to data shared electronically and would also give legitimacy to electronic signatures. It also aims to break legal obstacles to electronic exchanges in Maldives as well as international.