MPL clears 136 containers in 24 hours

Male' Commercial Port. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) states it cleared 136 containers of cargo at the Male’ Commercial Port in 24 hours.

The 136 containers were cleared between 06:00 pm on April 9 and 06:00 pm on April 10.

It included 82 20-foot containers and 54 40-foot containers.

MPL also cleared shipments of perishables including 1,286 bags of cabbage, 1,720 bags of onion, 840 bags of potato, 160 bags of pumpkin, 2,532 bags of watermelon, and four gunnies of lemons.

Other cargo cleared in high quantities include 1,775 cartons of eggs, 2,087 cartons of pineapple, 908 bunches of banana, and 340 crates of mango.

Crates of tomato, brinjal, honey melon and other fruits and vegetables were also cleared.

MPL states it aims to clear cargo as soon as possible, and is now releasing daily cargo clearance statistics via its social media channels.