HRCM shares concerns about Guraidhoo’s HPSN with Gender Ministry

Home for People with Special Needs (HPSN) in K. Guraidhoo. (Photo/PSM)

Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) has shared with the Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services various concerns regarding the Home for People with Special Needs in K. Guraidhoo.

In a statement released by HRCM, it was stated that observations made by National Preventive Mechanism during visits made to the Center in Guraidhoo from March 6-8 were shared with the Gender Ministry.

Among the observations made, one of the biggest issues highlighted was difficulty in providing mental health-related assistance to the patients.

The commission noted that in their visit to the centre in 2013, there was no psychiatrist nor a nurse who could provide assistance to patients, and to date, no permanent solution has been found for this.

In addition to these issues such as lack of a documented guideline and running the centre and lack of surveillance cameras to ensure security was also brought up.

Moreover, HRCM stated that the staff were not sufficiently trained, and the ratio of staff to patients was low.