Gender Minister: Will establish Disability Management Training Center in Hulhumale’ this year

Gender Minister Aishath Mohamed Didi during a National Emergency Operations Center press briefing on April 5, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Minister of Gender, Family and Social Services Aishath Mohamed Didi on Wednesday stated that they are working to establish a Disability Management Training Centre in Hulhumale’ this year.

Speaking at a press conference, the minister revealed that the land and concept for the project has been prepared, and right now they were working to attain the budget needed as the government had only provided MVR 4 million for this.

“We are thinking of establishing accommodation in addition to training in the centre. By accommodation, it means accommodating those coming to train.”

She further said that the centre is dedicated to those over 18-years. She added that those services are currently being provided by the Centre for Mental Health for those over 18-years of age.

“But that is not the most specialized service. For the most part, they provide mental health-related services.”

Additionally, the Gender Minister said that how people perceive gender equality has changed in the Maldives from the 1900s. She added that in order to establish equality, a democratic environment needs to be created.

“We need to question ourselves whether there is a democratic environment among us. Whether the schools have a democratic environment,” she said.