Aeroflot set to ground international operations carries over 600 tourists to Maldives a day!

Aeroflot flight landing at Velana International Airport. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The decision to ground international operations by Russia’s flag carrier, Aeroflot, is a huge loss to Maldivian tourism.

While the airline makes two trips between Maldives and Moscow per day – over 300 tourists arrive via each of the flights.

Owner of the travel agency ‘Let’s Go’, particularly aimed towards the Russian market, Mohamed Riyaz said that all tourists traveling via the airline have canceled their bookings already.

Aeroflot is the online airline that holds scheduled flights between Maldives and Russia. The remaining are charter flights.

Travel agents report that some Russian bookings are being canceled as of present. But they stressed that the impact would mostly be felt when Aeroflot grounds operations.

Deputy Minister at Tourism Ministry Ahmed Athif said that an assessment of impacts of Aeroflot ground operations is currently underway, after which a plan would be formulated to tackle the issue.

Aeroflot confirmed that it will be suspending all international flights, except to neighboring Belarus, effective from March 8, 2022.