1,000 applicants for 720 student loan slots

Students of Maldives National University (MNU). (Sun photo/Ibrahim Ifaaz)

The 720 slots opened for the government student loan for higher studies receive 1,000 applications.

The slots are available for students seeking higher studies in Maldives as well as internationally. From the 720 slots, 417 are reserved for first-time students and 303 for students who are currently studying.

While speaking at the graduation ceremony for Fenaka Corporation’s ‘Fenaka Institute’, the Minister of Higher Studies Dr Ibrahim Hussain said that the government aims to provide as many opportunities as possible to build a hardworking and talented youth for the workforce.

Noting that the student loans were also part of this initiative, he revealed that by the time the deadline was up on March 3, they received 1,000 applications.

“I am very happy to say that for the 720 slots of the scheme, exactly 1,000 applications were received.”

This year, the loan scheme was announced after slashing the interest taken on the administrative fee to one percent.

A total of MVR 138 million has been allocated for education from diploma to PhD. Meanwhile, currently, students can seek a master's education in Maldives.