ADK Hospital: WDC member Eman passed away

Aminath Eman, 29, Vilimale’ member in the Women’s Development Committee (WDC) of Male’ City.

Villimale’ representative on Male City Council’s Women Development Committee (WDC) Aminath Eman (29), who sustained critical injuries in an accident passed away, confirmed ADK Hospital.

The Managing Director of ADK Hospital Ahmed Afaal confirmed Sun that Eman passed away on Tuesday morning.

Doctors decided on early Monday to take her off the ventilator due to lack hope of her recovery. However, she continued to have a heartbeat, and despite their earlier decision, she wasn’t taken off the ventilator after she showing slight improvements.

“Doctors said they haven’t given up hope. She remains on the ventilator. Everyone, people pray as much as you can,” a WDC member who spoke to Sun at the time said.

Eman was driving along Kuredhi Magu in Hulhumale’ on Sunday evening when she fell off her motorcycle.

She was alone on the road at the time of the incident, and was transported to a hospital approximately 20 minutes later, after a passerby saw her fallen on the ground.

A WDC member said Eman fell when she hit a speedbump on the road, adding that as the paint on the speedbump was faded, it is believed she fell when she hit the speedbump as she hadn’t seen it.

“What happened was, because the paint on the speedbump was so faded. She didn’t see the speedbump. So, she went over the speedbump at high speed. She was thrown on impact and fell on top of the speedbump,” she said.

Eman was initially treated at the Hulhumale’ Hospital before she was transferred to the ADK Hospital in Male’ City.

She remained unconscious, and was put on a ventilator on Sunday night.

“One side of the skull is fractured, and she has internal bleeding. She just has a heartbeat. She shows no movement,” she the WDC member.