Minister Imran: Will win war started against drugs

Minister of Home Affairs Imran Abdulla speaking at the ceremony held on Monday to launch a drug rehabilitation programme in Maafushi Prison. (Photo/Home Ministry)

Minister of Home Affairs Imran Abdulla said will finish the war started by the government to save Maldives from the drug epidemic, by winning.

Speaking at the ceremony held on Monday to launch a drug rehabilitation programme in Maafushi Prison, the minister said that the government took on the drug issue confidently. However, he noted that it must be accepted that there are challenges in solving this problem.

“Sadly, it is a truth we have to accept, that there is a huge network of those how profited from ‘drug business’, got rich, got powerful, infiltrated fear of them into others hearts, in Maldives.”

Moreover, he said that they have to take on this challenge knowing that there are those who work day and night to fail this programme.

Additionally, Minister Imran noted that the rehabilitation centre was a task assigned to the Home Ministry by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, from the things he vowed to do during the Presidential Address earlier this month.

The minister further said that through this programme, they can provide assistance to youth in Maafushi Prison who have fallen victim to drugs. He added that it would pave way for them to work on their own after coming out of prison, and enlighten their future.

Maldives Correctional Services stated that this was the first drug rehab program to be conducted by the agency at Maafushi Prison. 

Under the program, Maldives Correctional Service will detoxify drug addicts under their care, provide them with treatment, and teach them life skills and vocational skills. 


Inmates who join the rehab program will undergo a risk assessment to assess the risk they pose before they are reintegrated into society, and will receive parole.