Court denies order to stop ‘Thiki’ application

Founder of Hadhiyamv Yoosuf Khaleel (R) and the Thiki application founder Ahmed Anas Habeeb (L)

The Magistrate Court of L. Fonadhoo denied granting a temporary court order to stop ‘Thiki’ – an application created targeting blood donation.

The founder of another application, 'Hadhiyamv', Yoosuf Khaleel has accused the Thiki application founder Ahmed Anas Habeeb, of copying his application, and subsequently filed a court case. 

The first hearing of this case was held on February 11.

Since then, Khaleel filed to grant a temporary court order to stop Thiki, and the hearing to address this was held on Thursday.

In this hearing held at the L. Fonadhoo Magistrate court, the presiding Judge Ali Shareef said that since the three conditions needed for such an order were not met, it cannot be issued.

Khaleel has asked for a compensation of MVR 375,400. The amount is made up of MVR 350,000 for emotional damages sustained, MVR 20,000 spent on making the website and MVR 5,400 used to purchase a domain from telecom company Dhiraagu.

The issues had escalated, with Thiki application experiencing different attacks, that even caused it to shut down. However, the application technical team was able to fix the issues.

In addition to this, some members of the team were harassed on the roads and given threats as well.