Tree Top Hospital successfully completes spine surgery: Fathuhunnisa shares her experience

Fathuhunnisa suffered from chronic lower back pain for over 15 years. Recently, Fathuhunnisa successfully received micro decompression spine surgery to treat her lower back pain at Tree Top Hospital. She shares her experience.

Fathuhunnisa has been consulting for her pain over the past 15 years. To curb the pain, she received an injection to control her back pain in order to avoid surgery.

Micro decompression spine surgery is a minimally invasive surgery performed for herniated disc. She received the recommendation to undergo surgery from two doctors and with the final opinion of Dr. Juan Lourido, she chose to proceed with the surgery at Tree Top Hospital.

She decided to undergo the surgery at Tree Top Hospital due to the recommendation of her fellow islanders, who underwent the same surgery. She also did not want to get the surgery done overseas.

Post-surgery, Fathuhunnisa is able to now sit and move without any discomfort. Fathuhunnisa has had a pleasant experience during her physiotherapy sessions, and recommends to visit Dr. Juan to anyone going through a similar situation.

Dr. Juan is a neurosurgeon with extensive experience in diagnosing a wide range of neurological conditions and performing surgery with minimally invasive techniques. He has served as Head of Neurosurgery at Hospitales San Roque, Spain and as Director at ICN-Instituto Canario de Neurocirugia, Canary Islands.

He has to his credit several visiting fellowships; Microsurgery in Zurich, Neuro-Intensive care in Lund University, Neuro-Oncology at Harvard University and Melbourne, Australia and Vascular in Dallas, America.

Tree Top Hospital’s Neurology and Neurosurgery Department is led by highly qualified and well-trained specialists with expertise in all areas of neurosurgery. The hospital utilizes the latest techniques and technology to improve service and care for individuals of all ages.

The hospital prides itself as a consultant-led specialty hospital committed towards providing quality services at competitive rates and strives to deliver excellence in healthcare in Maldives.