Sensor installed in Fuvahmulah to monitor air quality

Air quality monitoring sensor is installed in Fuvahmulah City on February 22, 2022. (Photo/Environment Ministry)

An air quality sensor was installed in the southern city of Fuvahmulah on Tuesday under the regional air quality monitoring project.

Environment Ministry has stated that sensors will be installed in 10 residential islands under the Public Sector Investment Program (PSIP) project.

The first sensor was installed in Addu City on Monday.

The IQAir sensors will be installed in 10 populous islands under the project. They are:

  • HDh. Kulhudhuffushi
  • Sh. Funadhoo
  • Lh. Naifaru
  • K. Male’
  • K. Hulhumale’
  • Dh. Kudahuvadhoo
  • L. Gan
  • GDh. Thinadhoo
  • S. Hithadhoo
  • Gn. Fuvahmulah

The first air quality monitoring sensor in Maldives was installed at the green building in Environment Ministry’s headquarters in Male’ last year.

The sensors will provide relevant authorities with five years of data on air quality.

Prolonged exposure to poor air quality has been found to have a harmful effect on health.

Research shows the main air pollutants in Maldives to be exhaust fumes from vehicles, burning of waste, fiber boat building, and construction.