MIFCO MD Fauzee : Special app for fishermen this year

Local fishermen fish on a fishing vessel.

The Managing Director of Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Ltd (MIFCO) Ismail Fauzee stated that an application dedicated for fisherman will be introducing within the begging of this year.

Speaking during a programme broadcasted by state media PSM, Fauzee stated that with this app, fisherman will receive pay directly to their bank accounts.

He also stated that in addition to billing details, fisherman will be given detailed information of any other services provided.

“For instance, centers will provide fisherman will fuel, water and any other requirement for the fishing vessel. God willing, we will expand using the latest technology to be able to access those bills and histories, and also for fisherman to be able to see day to day information on fish caught and sold.”

Fauzee noted that the app will provide an environmentally friendly alternative to billing.

Moreover, the appl will have information on availability of services and resources of MIFCO, and so fishermen will no longer have keep calling various centers for that information.

Additionally, Fauzee revealed that work will commence very soon to create new storage spaces in the factories located in Hulhumeedhoo and Kooddoo, as well as the Hulhumeedhoo harbor.

“There are some concerns of fishermen in Addu City. Some of them are related to the difficulties in selling fish to Hulhumeedhoo, which is due to the harbour. God willing, by the time work is complete for that harbour,it will be able to load international carriers as well. Along with that, a better channel will be developed for the going and incoming of vessels to better service fishermen.”

Fauzee further stated that to maintain freshness of fish caught, work will commence this year to develop ice plants in 22 islands across the country.