13 speedboats to be acquired to transport COVID-19 samples

A sea ambulance speedboat in the Maldives. (Sun File Photo)

Finance Ministry has made an announcement seeking a party to supply 13 speedboats to be used for the transportation of COVID-19 samples from islands to Male’ City.

The announcement publicized by the Ministry read that speedboats are needed for the COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness Project that is carried out by the government with assistance from World Bank.

In this regard, the Ministry has opened a bid – seeking a party to supply 13 speedboats that shall be used for COVID-19 sample transfer.

Finance Ministry detailed that the bid will be carried out in adherence to International Competitive Bidding (ICB) regulations, World Bank guidelines, IDA credit regulation, and regulation on acquiring goods and service by countries through grant assistance received.

A fee of MVR 1,500 has to be paid to register for the bid. Meanwhile, USD 25,000 has been allocated as bid security. The duration of bid security is 148 days from the date on which the bid is opened.