VP Naseem inaugurates new services at Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital

Vice President Faisal Naseem speaking at the ceremony held to inaugurate new services at Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital on January 16. (Photo / President's Office)

Vice President Faisal Naseem on Sunday inaugurated new services at Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital in R.Ungoofaaru. 

The new services introduced are CT scan, mammography, and OPG services. 

Speaking at the ceremony, Vp stated that the world shut down and the health care system faced a lot of hardships due to COVID-19, Vp Naseem said that despite this, hospitals had provided good services. 

"At that time, and even now, especially hospitals provided very good services, new services to the public. When COVID caught up to us, we saw the work done, particularly by the staff of hospitals and regional hospitals. Things capable of earning public's trust were done." 

Emphasising the priority given by the government on decentralised delivery of public services, especially improving access to healthcare services, he spoke about their efforts to develop tertiary hospitals in five regions of the country. 

Speaking in this regard, the Vice President said that the administration aims to make public services more accessible and therefore eliminate the need to travel to Male' City for necessities. 

Additionally, he highlighted that during the past three years over 3,000 patients had CT scans done at health facilities outside of the capital. 

During this visit to Ungoofaaru, Vp Naseem toured the hospital facilities and inspected the new services.