Wish to see resort develop nearby: Goidhoo Council

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih meeting with the council members of Sh. Goidhoo on December 19, 2021. (Photo/President's Office)

Members of Sh. Goidhoo Council expressed to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih their wish to see the development of a tourist establishment in the area. 

During a meeting held with the President on Sunday, the council members noted that since a large percentage of the island's youth work in the tourism sector, the islanders are eager to see a tourist resort develop closer to them. 

The council members and President also discussed developmental plans as well as some of the more urgent needs of the residents. Some of the issues highlighted include space constraints at the island school and the harbour, delays in the project to develop a new health centre and difficulties posed by the lack of an ambulance. They also made a request for the development of a new mosque on the island.  

Addressing the concerns raised by the councillors, President Solih assured that he would consult with the relevant authorities to find solutions. He also briefed them on the most recent development plans for Goidhoo.

Additionally, the council members relayed appreciation from the islanders to the President for the ongoing essential services and infrastructure projects on the island as per the administration’s pledge.

The council members expressed their gratitude to the President for a "promising and hopeful" meeting with him.