Remand of two men who robbed after stripping and blackmailing victim extended by 15 days

A person enters the Criminal Court on February 15, 2021. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The remand of the two arrested in connection to inviting a person into a house in Halaveli Goalhi after which they stripped, blackmailed and robbed the victim at knifepoint – has been extended.

Two individuals arrested by the Police regarding the case on November 29, are identified as Ahmed Nabeel, 27, Ma. Clue Wave and Ali Eashadh, 29, G. Beruge.

At a remand hearing held on Wednesday – the Criminal Court had ruled to extend the remand of both the individuals by 15 days.

Nabeel is charged with threatening, blackmailing and robbery – whereas Eeshadh is charged with being an accessory to these crimes.

As per the information disclosed by the Police regarding the case, the robbery took placed on the night of November 28, at a house located in Halaveli Goalhi.

The court order read that USD 2,000 was transferred to Nabeel’s account from the victim’s account – and at the time of his arrest, he was carrying MVR 24,000.

At a press conference held on the night of December 9, Head of Theft and Organized Crime Investigations Inspector of Police Mohamed Latheef said that they have found so far in their probe that one of the suspects had chatted with the victim through an application, where the victim’s phone number was sought out, after which the victim was invited over to the house at Halaveli Goalhi.

Latheef further detailed that after the victim had entered the house, one of the suspects had threatened the victim with a knife. The victim was then stripped, and taken photographs and videos of as a blackmail measure. Afterwards, the victim’s phone was taken and used to transfer a large amount of cash from the victim’s BML account to the suspect’s account.  

The Police said that the two men arrested in this case has a criminal record of robbery and drug-use on multiple instances.

They also detailed that similar incidents of robbery and theft has taken place on the streets recently. On this note, they suspect a large network to be in operation for these crimes which include women and minors.