MoU signed to use HCFC free alternatives in fisheries sector

Ministry of Environment and Energy and Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), to assist the fishing industry in Maldives to switch from HCFC-based refrigeration technologies to HCFC-free alternatives.

The MoU was signed by Minister of State for Environment and Energy Abdul Matheen and Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Ahmed Shafeeu, at a ceremony held at the Ministry of Environment and Energy yesterday.

Environment Ministry has informed that the agreement is part of Maldives’ efforts to stop the use of HCFC in the fisheries sector, under the terms of the Montreal Protocol treaty signed by the Maldives.

Following the signing of this agreement, Environment Ministry and Fisheries Ministry will work together to introduce HCFC-free technologies that can be used in the Maldives, to provide information on this issue, and to establish policies in this regard.

Maldives signed the Montreal Protocol in 1989. The treaty stipulates that HCFC usage must be phased out before 2020.