Jameel raises concerns over non-provision of security to Yameen

Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom with his supporters outside his residence after the Supreme Court overturned the money laundering conviction against him on November 30, 2021. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Aiman Ali)

Head of former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom’s legal team, Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, has expressed concern over the non-provision of security required for Yameen, after he was freed.

Supreme Court overturned the five-year prison term against Yameen for money laundering earlier today. The court reached its verdict with the unanimous consensus of the three justices who presided over the case.

At a press conference held by Yameen’s legal team following the verdict, Jameel said that the government has always been indifferent towards Yameen – adding that this has clearly been proven today.

“From the moment the Supreme Court delivers the verdict that he is innocent and the justices stand up, Yameen should be provided security. That is for sure. Therefore, what I have to say regarding this is that the reality is that the government has let go of this,” he had said.

Criticizing the government further, Jameel said that whilst attacks have been targeted towards former presidents – it is extremely concerning that there is discrimination and the provision of security.

“The security and the safety of those who have served as presidents are not things which that should be taken lightly,” he had said.

“Look at the reality when it came to Nasheed. From the airport, to running after four to five cars on the streets. This can be done if it is for him,” he added.

Jameel also criticized the Parliament’s allocation of an official residence to Nasheed, while he has his own private residence.

In addition to this, he also raised concerns over the fact that the benefits which should be provided to Yameen by the state, have not been budgeted.

Yameen was found guilty of laundering USD 1 million from the sale of GA. Vodamula by the Criminal Court on November 28, 2019.  He was sentenced to five years in prison and fined USD 5 million. Yameen promptly appealed the conviction with the High Court, which sided against him and ruled to uphold the original sentence back in January.

He subsequently appealed the conviction with the Supreme Court, which began appeal proceedings in September. The Supreme Court ruled to overturn High Court’s decision to uphold the original sentence earlier today.