Solar power plants to be established in 12 islands in Thaa Atoll

A capture from the agreement signing ceremony between Environment Ministry and China's Sino Soar Hybrid Technology for the establishment of solar power plants in 12 islands at Thaa Atoll held on November 29, 2021. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Aiman Ali)

A Chinese Company, Sino Soar Hybrid Technology, has been contracted by the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology to establish solar power plants at 12 islands in Thaa Atoll.

The agreement pertaining to design, supply, installation and maintenance GRID-TIER Solar PV-Diesel Power Generation plants was signed at a special ceremony held at the Environment Ministry. Environment Minister Fathimath Shauna signed the agreement on behalf of the Ministry. Meanwhile, Project Manager Kao Xiaoming signed on behalf of Sino Soar Hybrid Technology.

Under this project, 2.5 megawatts of solar PV will be established at 12 residential islands in Thaa Atoll. In addition to this, 975 kilowatts battery energy storage systems (BESS) will be established as well as 3,1800-meters of cable. A modern generator control room will also be built.

Environment Ministry said that the establishment of the solar power plants will save up to MVR 12 million per year, as slash down 2,900 tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

Sino Soar Hybrid Technology must complete this work within a period of 360-days.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Minister Shauna said that the ceremony was part of the steps towards achieving net-zero in 2030.

“At the end of 2018, only 16.5 megawatts solar PV was established in the Maldives. That amount has now been increased up to 36.7 megawatts. This is an increase of 45 percent. Maldives is moving forward in the field of renewable energy. In the upcoming two years, the goal is to increase hybrid system up to 50 megawatts,” she detailed.