Toddler drowns in Guraidhoo lagoon

An aerial shot of K. Guraidhoo. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A toddler has died in a drowning incident in K. Guraidhoo. 

Guraidhoo councilor Ibrahim Shaleez told Sun the incident took place on Saturday afternoon. 

Shaleez said the toddler, identified as a two-year-old girl, was found dead in the waters to the north of Guraidhoo, shortly after she went missing. 

A local told Sun that the toddler lived in a house by the beach. 

Her mother was feeding her outside their house, and went back in to put away the plate after she was done. 

The toddler was nowhere to be seen when the mother returned, said the local. 

“The house is located near the waters. She was found in the waters during the search. Her body was found floating approximately 30 feet away from the beach,” said the local. 

Guraidhoo Council confirms the young girl was already deceased when taken to the local health center.