Opposition: Maldivians must rise up to take back country, freedom

The opposition PPM-PNC coalition stages a protest in Male' City demanding Indian military personnel to leave Maldives. (Photo/PPM)

The opposition coalition, composed of PPM and PNC, said on Wednesday that Maldivians must rise up to save Maldives, alleging that there are multiple incidences which threaten the country’s independence and sovereignty. 

The opposition made the remark in its statement on occasion of Victory Day, which marks the defeat of the bloody coup d'état attempt of November 3, 1988. 

The opposition said that while the attack on November 3, 1988 had been an armed assault, other methods continue to be employed to take Maldives’ independence. 

“The traps Maldives is falling into because of the sale of the country’s assets, the covert deals between the Maldivian government and the Indian government, the arrangements being made to allow Indian military to be stationed in Maldives – these decisions are leading to unprecedented damage to the country’s independence and sovereignty,” said the opposition in their statement. 

The opposition said the decisions have led to Maldives losing its independence and sovereignty, and falling into the lap of a foreign power. 

The opposition said that the Maldives needs children fueled by the blood of patriotism such as the soldiers who sacrificed their lives on Victory Day in order to uphold the country’s independence and sovereignty. 

“Beloved Maldivian people! Think about this and rise up to take back this country. Roll up your sleeves to deliver this country in its true essence to the future generations,” said the opposition coalition in their statement. 

The opposition thanked the Maldivian soldiers who fought armed mercenaries and sacrificed their lives to protect Maldives’ independence on November 3, 1988. 

The opposition coalition has repeatedly stated that it considers the close ties the current Maldivian administration has with India a threat to the country’s independence, and has been holding serial protests under the title ‘In Defense of Independence’.