Security team at President’s Office changed over urinating incident

A motorcyclist drives past the President's Office. (File Photo/Sun)

The security team and the security in charge at the President’s Office have been changed over the incident concerning a man urinating in front of the office.

Sun can confirm that it has been about 10 days since this decision was made.

When inquired about the matter by Sun – MNDF’s Information Officer Hana Mohamed said that she has not been informed of such a change. Hana also stressed that changes in security were not public information and instructed to request in writing to clarify further.

The man in question had urinated in front of the President’s Office on October 3. On the same day – he had urinated inside Masjid Al-Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al-Auzam (Islamic Center) whilst the Maqrib prayer was ongoing. He was also reported to have urinated inside the Friday Mosque also on the same day.

Police had arrested the man the next day. They noted that he suffers from a disability.

The man was identified as Hassan Ziyad, 40, M. Shady Home, Male’ City. He was remanded in custody for 10 days – as he was deemed a threat to society.