President Solih departs to Kandoodhoo to partake in Farmers’ Day festivities

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih departs to Th. Kandoodhoo to take part in National Farmers' Day festivities on October 15, 2021. (Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has departed to Th. Kandoodhoo this afternoon on a one-day official trip – to take part in the activities being held on the occasion of National Farmers’ Day and World Food Day.

During his visit – President Solih is scheduled to inaugurate the food security program, fertigation system, and food exhibition on the island. He will also be attending the official ceremony that is being held to mark this year’s National Farmers’ Day and World Food Day.

President Solih declared October 15 as National Famers’ Day in 2020. This is the first time activities of this magnitude are being held to commemorate the day.

The primary objective of annually commemorating National Farmers’ Day is to recognize the farming community’s effort and contribution to ensure food security. It is also aimed at promoting the farming vocation whilst also connecting the day to World Food Day – in order to allow farmers to showcase their products and plan events in conjunction with the days.

Whilst October 15 is marked as National Farmers’ Day – October 16 is celebrated internationally as World Food Day.

President Solih is set to conclude his trip and return to Male’ City on Saturday.