Dhapparu reverted back to Filladhoo Council’s jurisdiction

An aerial view of HA. Dhapparu.

HA. Dhapparu has been reverted back to the jurisdiction of HA. Filladhoo Council.

Via a tweet today, President’s Office’s Spokesperson Mabrook Azeez said that the removal of Dhapparu from Filladhoo Council’s jurisdiction has been discussed with the Council. He also noted that the opinion of Filladhoo residents regarding the matter was briefed on during a meeting of the Economic Council held today.

Mabrook said that following the discussions – the decision to revert Dhapparu back to the jurisdiction of Filladhoo Council was taken by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Speaking to Sun following the removal of Dhapparu from Filladhoo Council’s jurisdiction – the Council’s President Fathulla Hassan said that as it had been a decision made by President Solih, the Council did not have complaints regarding it. However, he stressed the some Filladhoo residents had raised concerns over the matter.

Dhapparu was removed from Filladhoo Council’s jurisdiction by a presidential decree issued by President Solih – back in August – without any discussion with Council, or the islanders.

In a press conference held at the President’s Office on September 1, Spokesperson Mabrook said the government plans to develop Dhapparu for real estate tourism.

On September 21, a petition headed by Filladhoo residents under the name ‘Save Dhapparu’ was submitted to both the Parliament and the President’s Office – which stated that Filladhoo residents wished to develop Dhapparu whilst it remains under the jurisdiction of Filladhoo Council, and in a manner in which it directly benefits them.