Alternate penalites to jail sentences for low level offenders to be introduced

Commissioner of Prisons Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu. (Photo/Home Ministry)

Noting that the only penalty enforced upon low level offenders at present is jail sentences – Commissioner of Prisons Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu has stated that efforts were underway to introduce alternative lighter penalties to jail sentences for such individuals.

Speaking at a panel discussion hosted by the Home Ministry on the occasion on International Day of Non-Violence, CP Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu highlighted that offenders have been objected to torturous punishment in the past such as the pillory practice and shame walking – adding that the adverse impact of such sorts of punishments on the society is still witnessed today.

Noting the enactment of the current constitution of Maldives prohibited acts of violence against persons – CP Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu said that individuals who commit an act of violence against another can be held criminally liable for it.

He then stressed that although torturous punishments have been abolished – it is still important to address the sorts of penalties imposed on people under the current system. In this regard, he pointed that the law stipulates that even those who commit minor offenses should be sentenced to jail.  

“There are other countries which give alternative penalties to jail sentences for such persons. We are also on our way to implement such a system. We are at the verge of introducing alternative penalties to jail sentences,” he had said.

CP Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu noted that offenders remaining a part of the society while carrying out their sentences is crucial – adding efforts were underway to introduce and implement such a system.

He also added that the Maldivian Penal Code stipulates that offenders may be given alternative penalties to jail sentences.