Island Aviation announces salary increment for its employees

The crew of a Maldivian seaplane that traveled to India. (Photo/Maldivian)

Island Aviation has decided to restore the pay cuts imposed on employees in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic to pre-pandemic amounts - subject to certain terms.

The company's Public Relations and Communications Manager Moosa Waseem had told Sun that the pre-pandemic salary of the employee will be considered when discontinuing the pay cut. 

In this regard, employees who were receiving a salary higher than MVR 30,000 prior to the pandemic - will only be given 80 percent of their original salary even after the pay restore.

However, employees who were receiving an amount lower than MVR 30,000 prior to the pandemic - will be given the full amount.

Waseem said that the changes will be reflected when employees receive their salaries this month.

Earlier this month, pilots working for the company had gone on strike over disgruntlement regarding the pay cuts being imposed for a long period of time. Some pilots had even met with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to express their concerns over this.

The salaries of pilots working in Island Aviation had been cut by 40 percent due to the pandemic - which had not been restored even after company finances improved.

The pilots called off the strike when the management had promised to restore their salaries to pre-pandemic amounts.