One-time use for prescriptions on long-term medication starting October

Aasandha office. (File Photo/Raajjemv)

Aasandha has stated that medicine will only be issued just once per prescription of persons on long-term medication starting from next month.

Last year, a new regulation was made by Aasandha to ease the difficulties the public may face in acquiring their medication during the COVID-19 pandemic – to allow persons taking long-term medication to be issued medication twice for the same prescription.

Announcing the discontinuation of this rule – Aasandha said that each prescription will be issued medication just once starting from next month, whereas a new prescription written by a doctor must be presented for medication to be issued for a second time.

In addition to this – another easement brought last year was to newborns who are older than 28-days to be provided services under the Aasandha scheme even if presented with the mothers’ identity card. This rule will be discontinued starting from next November.

Following this, newborns who are older than 28-days will be provided the services under Aasandha scheme for their own identity cards.

Noting that though their services are also provided for those who present a copy or a photo of their identity cards, Aasandha noted that the actual policy is to provide services upon the presentation of the original identity card – hence encouraged those who wish to obtain services under Aasandha scheme bring their identity cards.