Island Aviation alerts police after laser pointed at domestic flight

Photo shows a Maldivian flight on the runway of Gan International Airport. (Photo/Maldivian)

Island Aviation has alerted the police and Addu City Council after a laser was pointed at a flight operated by national airline Maldivian during landing at the Gan International Airport. 

The laser light was pointed at Maldivian’s flight Q2-106 as it landed in Gan on August 2. 

Maldivian’s PR and Communications Manager Moosa Waseem told Sun the incident has been brought to the attention of the authorities as a serious issue. 

“We have also brought this to the attention of the Addu City Council. We have filed a report with the police. This is a serious issue,” he said. 

Moosa said that the safety of passengers is of paramount importance to Maldivian, and that anything which threatens the safety of passengers will therefore be investigated as a special priority.