Physical classes for upper grades to continue in islands placed under monitoring

A classroom of a school in Male' City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Education Ministry’s Deputy Director-General Hussain Rasheed Moosa has stated that physical classes for grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 will continue even if an island has been placed under monitoring mechanisms subsequent to the detection of a COVID-19 case.

Hussain had made this statement while speaking at a television program broadcasted by VTV regarding the commencement of a special vaccine program for school students last Sunday. In this regard, Akram had said that if an island is placed under monitoring mechanisms, the vaccination program for school students will be put on hold at the respective island – whereas classes will be conducted online for all grades except grade 9 to 12.

“Even if an island is placed under monitoring mechanisms, physical classes will continue in the island for students who are in grade 9, 10, 11 and 12. We decided on this after discussions with HPA. This is as it is very important to ensure that classes for students preparing for O’ Levels and A’ Levels remain uninterrupted. Remaining grades will be taught online,” he had said.

Nevertheless, Hussain added that if a student from these grades’ tests positive for COVID-19 or is placed under quarantine – the class which the student belongs to will be taught online. He also if the COVID-19 situation on an island deteriorates to an extent where the whole school needs temporarily shut down – the Education Minister Dr. Aisha Ali will make that decision.

Hussain further shared the progress of the ongoing vaccination programs for school students who are aged 12 to 17. In this regard, he noted that vaccination program has commenced at six schools in Male’ City – whereas more than 95 percent of students in these schools have received their first dose.

The government aims to administer the first dose to all children above the age of 12 by the end of this month.

Hence, vaccine shipments have been sent to islands that are not under monitoring mechanisms. Hussain also noted that both Health Ministry and HPA have stated that the Maldives have enough doses to administer the second dose to all children above the age of 12.

He also noted that arrangements will be made for vaccination of children who are presently not under the education system due to reasons such as graduating from school last year. Accordingly, their respective schools will contact them and inform how to proceed.