Sheikh Ilyas’ diplomatic passport matter submitted to Parliament

Vilimale' MP Ahmed Usham. (Photo/People's Majlis)

Vilimale’ MP Ahmed Usham has submitted the matter of the diplomatic passport issued to the President of the Scholar Council of Adhaalath Party, diplomat appointed to the Maldivian High Commission in Malaysia Sheik Ilyas Hussain to Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Relations.

Speaking to Sun today, MP Usham noted that the matter was submitted in the light of the statements made by Ilyas pertaining to his diplomatic passport – in order to probe into the procedure followed when the passport was issued to him.

“As the diplomatic passport has been issued outside of the normal procedures – a submitted the matter to the Committee on Foreign Relation as investigating such matters is included in their mandate,” he had said.

During a discussion held via Clubhouse, a participant had posed a question to Ilyas as to whether holding a diplomatic passport was permitted in the Islamic religion or not – to which he had replied that he is not aware whether it was disallowed either religiously or even constitutionally.

He further added that the government had issued him a diplomatic passport when he had applied for a residency visa in Malaysia – but was denied the visa.

“I was studying at the time in Malaysia. Then a visa problem has occurred and I submitted the issue. That is why the government had appointed me to this diplomatic post – and I accepted,” he had said.

Ilyas however added that he had his post at the High Commission was only on paper and that he does not officially work at the High Commission. He also added that is not paid by the government and has not used any of the benefits diplomats working in the High Commission are provided such as a car.