President: In talks with foreign party to form JV to run Maldivian

Photo shows a Maldivian flight on the runway of Gan International Airport. (Photo/Maldivian)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had stated that discussions were underway with a foreign company to operate the national airline – Maldivian – through a joint venture

Speaking at a press conference held this evening, President Solih stated that the government will ensure that Maldivian does not fall into bankruptcy – giving the reassurance that they will do everything to keep the airline’s operations afloat.

“We have been discussing with foreign parties in order to improve the national airline – through making a joint venture. I believe that the Maldives must have a national airline,” he had said.

President Solih also highlighted that a lot of indirect benefits are received through Maldivian – hence stressed that the government will make sure that the operations of the airline continue even if it means subsidizing.

He further noted that Maldivian has been running on a loss previously as well – even prior to the pandemic – whereas the pandemic has not helped the financial status of the company in any way.

As of late, a lot of people have raised concerns over the deteriorating financial state of Maldivian and its subsequent effects on its operations.