Hulhumale’ vaccination center shifted to Hulhumale’ Hospital

Hulhumale' Hospital. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Health Protection Agency (HPA) announced on Saturday that the vaccination center in suburban Hulhumale’ has been shifted to the Hulhumale’ Hospital. 

Vaccination in Hulhumale’ was previously carried out at the flu clinic in the island. However, the flu clinic has now been closed and vaccination service has also been shifted to the Hulhumale’ Hospital. 

Hulhumale’ Hospital’s manager Mariya Saeed told Sun vaccination at the hospital will be carried out in accordance with HPA’s guidelines, and will continue to be appointment-based. 

“Vaccinations are in progress even now. Some people who aren't aware [of the relocation] are going to the flu clinic. We have therefore displayed an announcement. And we have one of our employees stationed,” she said. 

Mariya said an area has been designated for vaccination, and that those who come to get vaccinated will therefore be separated from other patients. 

“We have designated an area from outside the hospital. We will not mix them with patients,” she said. 

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced in his Independence Day address that Maldives has secured enough stocks to fully vaccinated everyone in the country who have yet to receive their shots.  

He said the government aims to fully vaccinate 90 percent of the eligible population in Maldives by the end of August. 

He repeated his call for more people to get vaccinated this Saturday, stressing that vaccines are the pathway to resume the rhythm of normal life after months of hardship from the pandemic.