50 year old man passes away in Dhidhdhoo due to COVID-19

Ha. Dhidhdhoo. (Photo/Facebook)

A man has passed away in the northern island of Ha. Dhidhdhoo due to COVID-19. 

Ha. Atoll Hospital Manager Ashraf Usman said to Sun that the person who died today was a 50-year-old foreigner.

"It was a man, who died today. He passed away around 12:00 in the afternoon," said Ashraf. 

He further said that Dhidhdhoo, which is the administrative capital of Ha. Atoll, had just one case of COVID-19. 

"The person who died today, he was a contact of that case," said Ashraf. 

This is the 209th death related to COVID-19 in the Maldives.