MP Afeef reveals details on Speaker Nasheed's health

Parliament Speaker, former President Mohamed Nasheed poses for a picture with some of the medical professionals from ADK Hospital.

Chair of the May 6 Committee of the Parliament formed for the inquiry into the attack targeting former President and current Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has spoken out about the condition of the former President. 

Nasheed is in Germany receiving treatment following the attack which saw an IED explode near his residence. Committee Chair and MP for Vilufushi Hassan Afeef was speaking in an MDP National Council meeting when he highlighted on his conversations with Nasheed following the attack. 

MP Afeef said that the internal injuries sustained from the attack had now healed as well as injuries received to the intestine and lungs. 

"I asked the president whether there was any difficulty in movements. He said that right now only about 50 percent of the left elbow was functioning. Three fingers of the right hand were very numb, the president told me. The three fingers work 10 percent. That is how the president's condition is now. This is what the president told me when I spoke to him today," said Afeef referring to Nasheed as president. 

MP Afeef said that furthermore, a wound on Nasheed's legs had still not healed completely. 

Nasheed traveled to Germany on May 13, after receiving life-saving treatment from the ADK Hospital. So far, four people have been arrested in relation to the attack targeting Nasheed, often described by his supporters as the worst terror attack to have been carried out in the Maldives.