Minister Shahid: Prime focus will be on equality in vaccination

Maldivian Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Newly elected President of the United Nations General Assembly and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Maldives Abdulla Shahid has stated that his prime focus would be on equal accessibility for the vaccine against COVID-19 after he starts his term in office. 

The Minister was addressing the UN General Assembly after his decisive victory in the election held tonight when he said that he would prioritize the already planned works to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. Other than this, he would also focus on increasing health awareness, and economic prosperity as well. 

"I will work to make sure that equal access to vaccines is provided. The entire world needs to be vaccinated. No one is safe until everyone is protected," said the Minister. 

The Minister said that last year, was one of hopelessness and despair, plagued with disease and violence, and dangers to the environment, world, and the seas. 

He said that the world once again needed to stand up and work to rebuild and save itself. He said that the economies of the world needed to be recovered and hope should be renewed with the focus in mind. 

The Minister said that the target was towards a new normal. 

Minister Shahid won 191 votes while his opponent former Foreign Minister of Afghanistan Zalmai Rassoul​.won 48 votes from a total of 191 votes. 

Minister Shahid will officially take his place as the President of the 76th General Assembly in September later this year.