Video surfaces of man believed to be held 'hostage' by drug ring

Misbah Mohamed, (25)

Video footage of a Maldivian man who police say is believed to be held hostage in Pakistan by a drug ring has been published on social media. 

Police have confirmed that the video indeed showed Misbah Mohamed from Morning Sun, HDh. Nolhivaranfaru.

Police have previously said that investigations had shown strong evidence to suggest that Misbah was being held in Pakistan by a drug ring as 'guarantor' for drugs supplied to a local ring in the Maldives. 

The eight-second-long video shows Misbah ina yellow plaid shirt speaking to the camera. In the video he says just two sentences, denying that he had any links with a drug network and accusing the police of spreading misinformation against him. 

"I have no links to a drug network. Police are lying about me," says Misbah. 

Police Media Officials, regarding the video, confirmed that it was Misbah and that they were now looking into the video. 

The video does not show anyone else, and Misbah does not ask for help or speak about his health. 

Trusted sources stated to Sun regarding the video that Misbah was still in Pakistan and that no state body had informed that Misbah had traveled out of the country. 

Police said that the statement regarding Misbah being held hostage as a guarantor was based on strong evidence available at the time. 

Misbah, according to Police, left the Maldives on November 11, 2020, with Irufaan Thagiyyu, who was arrested in December in connection with a large stash of drugs trafficked into the Maldives via sea. Irufaan and Misbah traveled to Pakistan via Dubai and Irufaan returned to the Maldives on November 22, while Misbah did not return with him. 

Irufaan was arrested a month later on December 8 in connection with a 72kg drug bust on a fishing boat named "Masjaree 2". Ten people have been charged with the drug bust. 

"So, Misbah Mohamed traveled to Pakistan to stay as a guarantor for Irufaan Thagiyyu under the custody of a drug ring, until the financial details of the drugs trafficked into the Maldives were completed," Police have said previously.