Remand of 3 arrested for May 6 terror attack extended

(L-R) Thahumeen Ahmed (32), Folheymaage, GA. Kondey, Mujaaz Ahmed (21), MA. Feyruge, Adhuham Ahmed Rasheed (26), Hiyaa, V. Thinadhoo

The detention of three people arrested in relation to the May 6 terrorist attack targeting former President Mohamed Nasheed have been extended for a further 15 days. 

The three suspects arrested are Mujaaz Ahmed (21) from Ma. Feyrumaage, Thahumeen Ahmed (32) from Folheymaage, Ga. Kondey and Adhuham Ahmed Rasheed (25) from Hiyaa V. Thinadhoo. 

Adhuham was arrested on May 9 while Mujaaz and Thahumeen were arrested on May 8. 

Adhuham is believed to be the prime suspect accused of detonating IED which injured Nasheed who is the current Speaker of the Parliament. Thahumeen is the owner of the motorcycle to which the IED was attached to while Mujaaz is directly linked with Adhuham by police. 

Another man was arrested on May 19 from the island of B. Dharavandhoo in relation to the attack. The man identified as Ahmed Fathih from Dhunfiniufaa, L. Gan has been ordered to remand for 15 days by the court on May 20. He also linked with the attack, although police have not specified on this. 

Nasheed is still in Germany for treatment for his injuries from the attack, after undergoing life-saving procedures at the ADK Hospital in the Maldives.