Facebook user reported to police after commenting Parliament 'should be bombed'

Police walk past the Parliament building in Male' City. (File Photo/Sun)

The Parliament has reported a Facebook user to security forces for commenting on a livestream of a parliamentary sitting that the Parliament should be bombed.

The Parliament conducted a debate on the targeted terror attack to assassinate Parliament Speaker, former President Mohamed Nasheed, when it reconvened for the second session of the year on Monday.

In the middle of the debate, a Facebook user commented of the Parliament’s livestream that the Parliament needs to be bombed. The user said parliamentarians steal from the public, and a place which houses such people should not be allowed to exist.

At the parliament sitting this Tuesday, Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla announced the Parliament’s Secretary General has brought the comment to the attention of Maldives Police Service and Maldives National Defense Force.

The police confirm the comment has been brought to their attention, and that they are conducting necessary investigations in response.

Police also stated that threats on social media which promote acts of terrorism and damage to persons and property are investigated and taken action against as serious cases.

Comments on social media which promote acts of terrorism are a criminal offense. And the police warned earlier this May that they will identify people who make such comments and take action.

Counter-Terror Act declares actions which promote acts of terrorism, whether directly or indirectly, as a criminal offense. It is punishable by 10-15 years in prison.


An emergency motion was presented at the Parliament this Tuesday calling on authorities to expedite action against people who engage in hatemongering targeting specific individuals, spread extremism, and encourage killings.

The motion was presented by South Galolhu MP Mickail Ahmed Naseem.

Presenting the motion, Mickail said creation of hatred against specific individuals, ‘authorizing’ their killing and labelling them as infidels has become widespread in social media and other online platforms.

He highlighted on an anonymous Facebook user recently wrote a post declaring that Ungoofaaru MP Mohamed Waheed (Wadde) should be killed, and the Facebook user who commented that the Parliament should be bombed.

Mickail said that given the prevalence of such crimes, it is imperative that law enforcement agencies to expedite action such parties.